Lineo releases a new product "SmartU2" that enables embedded devices smarter.
--- Embedded device's system is updatable remotely. ---

TOKYO, May 10, 2010 - Lineo Solutions, Inc. ["Lineo": Lineo Solutions, Inc. HQ:Shiojiri, Nagano, Japan CEO&President: Kenji FUTATSUGI] today announced the release of "SmartU2" for Linux System.

"SmartU2"(smart u two) enables to update embedded device with Linux system via internet remotely.

"SmartU2" consists of "SmartU2 Manager" that is a core of management server software group and "SmartU2Agent" that is installed into a target device. "SmartU2 Agent" which is installed in a target device communicates with the server regularly and obtains update data according to the update information stored in the server in order to update a system.  A series of processing related to update is customizable, and all work is automatically done.

SmartU2 logo
SmartU2 logo

Kenji Futatsugi, CEO&President of Lineo Solutions, Inc. stated as follows.

Lineo offers products for supporting developments of any product with Linux system installed and professional services.  Embedded devices have to respond to the demands of the present age that represent key words such as “Ubiquitous”, “Eco”, and “Smart”.  We believe that public will accept “SmartU2” to be released this time as software to improve Linux embedded device’s product life and its added value greatly.

Technical Background

The number of devices with Linux system is growing steadily with ubiquitous movement. These devices are used in various environments and continue operating for multiple years, sometimes more than 10 years in most cases. It is essential requirements for future embedded system that not only operates stably during operating period, but also provides smart environment to update a system of the device safely and efficiently as needed.

An image of system overview of SmartU2

An image of system overview of SmartU2

An operation image of SmartU2

It is available to all scenes that require system update of embedded device with Linux system.

  • Devices installed in a house or mansion.
  • Devices installed in a factory.
  • Devices connecting to network of shops.
  • Devices installed in a place where it is difficult to maintain.  
  • It is available for various purposes.

An operation image of SmartU2

System overview

It consists of software for a management server and software for a target device. 

    Management server(Host side)
      The server consists of highly integrated our acquired open source technology and our own technology which was derived from them.

      With SmartU2 Manager,
    • Uniform management of update software for target device and a device status.
    • It is able to update system all together in accordance with update schedule which Date/time can be arbitrarily specified.
    Device(Target side)
      Lineo developed SmartU2 Agent by concentrating our own embedded technology. And extremely compact size of the software was achieved.
    • SmartU2 Agent that was installed in a device executes the update of existing system in communicating with SmartU2 Manager.
    • It is able to update per group all together by grouping devices.
      Updatable software
    • Linux system(including root file system)
    • Application
    • Supporting various contents widely

System configuration
    Management server (host side) Device (Target)
    OS (CentOS5.3 or 5.4 recommended)
    JAVA operating environment (JRE1.6 or later recommended)
    Web server (Apache2.2)
    Application server (Tomcat5.5)
    Data base (Postgres8.4.1 recommended)
    CPU : ARM、SH、MIPS、x86 etc.
    RAM size : 128MB and above recommended
    Flash size : 128MB and above recommended
    Network port:10/100Base-T Ethernet
    SmartU2 Agent size : Approx.100KB
    Linux distribution independent

Prior to the product release, we will demonstrate SmartU2 system at the Embedded Systems EXPO (ESEC2010) which will be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 12, 2010. “Booth No: East37-6”

Release date

May 28, 2010

Retail price

1,800,000JPY~(tax excluded) SmartU2 minimum pack

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