Press release
Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue"
For corrective action and performance improvement

TOKYO - March 17, 2009 - Lineo Solutions, Inc. ("Lineo"), a leading provider of embedded Linux and its development environment, today announced it has started a new failure analysis service, "LL-rescue".

The "LL-rescue" provides solutions for problems/bugs that embedded engineers may encounter in the course of product development using Linux.

Due to its nature, embedded system development involves a broad array of process flows such as both hardware and software designs, restriction of system resources etc. Consequently, developers tend to run into wide-ranging events that are different from general server/desktop system development.

Therefore, with the past achievements and experience of facilitating customers' failure analysis and performance improvement, Lineo has newly launched the "LL-rescue" as ever more user-friendly service.

Service Contents
  • Target

    Any software running on a product with embedded Linux system
    Kernel, middleware, application (including 3rd party software)
    Hardware (as needed)

  • Analysis Flow (performance/failure)

    - Reproduce a problem

    - Deadlock
    - Memory leak
    - Scheduling

    Segmentation fault
    I/O scheduler
    Real-time thread

    - Analyze and offer a possible solution

    - Correct the problem (including supplying a patch)

  • Conditions

    Distribution: No restriction
    CPU architecture: Embedded Linux compliant architectures

  • Price (initial): From 1.2 million yen (2 weeks)
Scheduled Showcase

Lineo will introduce the "LL-rescue" at the Embedded Systems Expo (ESEC) to be held at Tokyo Big Sight from May 13 to 15.

Lineo Solutions, Inc.
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Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue" For corrective action and performance improvement.


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