"Warp!!", an Amazing Quick-Start Solution for Embedded Linux

Boot your device instantaneously
Experience the sensation of  "Warp!!"

Not only speed, but flexibility and extensibility are dramatically improved.


Warp!! is available for various products of mobile terminal, digital consumer electronics, commercial equipment and so on as eco-friendly embedded Linux.


  Warp!! Start-Up

    Warp!! saves snapshot image of the system memory (while applications are running) and hardware status (contents of register) to the previously ensured hibernation area in secondary storage, such as Flash. Once the power is on, directly restore memory image from snapshot at a burst. By this operation, loads of initiation code loading and memory accessing are greatly reduced and achieve the high speed.
Hibernation Start-Up


    The key of speed-up is high speed expansion of snapshot images to RAM.
  • - Reduce size of snapshot image to be saved.
  • - Ensured throughput of secondary storage.
  • - High speed decompression of compressed data.

  System requirements

    The following are required.
    An area where hibernation driver is stored. (ROM 64K)
      And area where snapshot of system memory is saved other than a memory area for Root file system.
  • - bootloader
      *Added Hibernation Driver call.
  • - kernel
      *Various drivers are implemented to support Suspend/Resume of PM.
      *Apply patch for Warp!! such as Hibernation Driver call.

  Warp!! 4.0 New Features

  • User API Option
      Parallely processable snapshot reading/decompression and user thread soon after power-on
      Progress status can be shown on a screen
      External interface for storage device accessing
  • Snapshot Switch Function
      Switch snapshot while OS is running
        Switch to previously-saved snapshot
        Possible to save operational state of 2 OS, switch and use them
  • 64bit interface
  • Support CPU for memory space over 4GB
  • Faster compression time

  Snapshot Save Function

  • Snapshot save is executable solely by a target
  • Whole SDRAM can be object to save
  • Snapshot save mode is selectable for your product
      Even faster boot by using separate mode
  • Use smaller memory size to save
      Independent of memory installed since it only saves memory being used
  • Snapshot Compression
      Compress down to 1/5 - 1/2 of original size
           (compressibility differs depending on snapshot data)
      High-speed processing by parallel processing to IO
      Support fast compression save mode
  • Support multiple snapshots
  • Support SMP/AMP

  Selectable Boot Methods

  • Boot always from the same snapshot
  • Return to the previous state of last power-off
         (general hibernation)

  More supported architectures

    *There are more supported architectures available.
    ARM Cortex-A5 / Cortex-A8 / Cortex-A9 / ARM11 / ARM9 / Marvell ARMADA 16x
    SuperH SH-4 / SH-4A / SH-4AL
    Power Architecture Power QUICC II Pro / Power QUICC-III / 440 / 464 / QorIQ P1022
    Intel ATOM

  Observed value with demo

Board Atmark Techno, Inc. Armadillo-500FX
Freescale iMx31 532MHz
DDR SDRAM 128MB(133MHz 32bit)
Hibernation Driver Version 4.0
Bootloader U-boot 2010.06
Linux kernel Version 2.6.26
Root filesystem: SSD ext3
General Start With Warp!!
14.77 sec*1 1.07 sec*1
Installed RAM Reserve Size
128MB 4.5MB*2
*1Time from power-on to X-window visible on the screen with a stop-watch
*2 The size compressing 17.47MB after shrink
    Device's startup time with Warp!! differs depending on hardware specifications.


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