Visualizer <Tracing Behavior> [Vzet]
Various applications consisting of multiple processes are running on Linux system. Vzet is an innovative product to visualize such processes for you.


"What to see" and "How to see"
         on Linux/Android --- As you choose!

  • With Vzet, you can see:
      Not only entire operation of the CPU but a specific process,
      Running transition and CPU utilization of each process,
      Specific process you choose, and kernel events as well!
  • And more features:
      Working with every version of ftrace and event trace,
      Superimpose display on logcat (Android) data, and
      Remote tracing is available (SSH,ADB-TCPIP,ADB-USB)

  • Vzet is available for multi-core(SMP/AMP), multi-process, multi-thread Display over 100,000 lines of trace data instantaneously, Vzet guides and navigates you crossing the "sea of processes"!

  • For System Development
  • Confirmation of application running in the whole system
    Confirmation of load distribution of multi-core
  • For Application Development
  • Confirmation of application related to you / your team
  • Flexible Data-Representation
  • For specific CPU, and for each process
    Events in Linux kernel can be superimposed
    Colors to display and process names are customizable
  • Events time and CPU load/time can be exported to files in csv format
    For specified time region, data (Events or PID switch) can be counted
    ftrace log file can be viewed in text form
  • Visualize Android
  • Transfer logcat data to the host via adb
  • Superimpose display on application execution state
  • Support linkage of Android application debugging info and the kernel
  • Visualize Linux data under /proc
  • Collect and show various Linux system information including process (thread) info, memory info and more
  • Your own shell script or binary program are usable with Vzet for data collection, and such data is formatted either by Vzet-standard or your own process then visualized
  • Give descriptions to major variables
  • Display concurrently with the visualization of ftrace

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    The traditional tool has difficulties to deal with the tool requirements for both system development and application development, since they are close but not the same conditions. However, Vzet is equally utilizable for system development and application development.



      Windows 7 / XP  32bit/64bit
    Linux (Confirmed on Fedora14 / Ubuntu 10.04 LTS 32bit/64bit)
    Intel® Celeron® CPU 430、1.8GHz Equivalent recommended
    1GB or above
    1GB (100 data can be stored as 10MB per trace data)
    Network Card, CD-ROM drive, Display (1024x768 or above recommended)

    Target of "visualization of behavior"
      Supported CPU
    Supported Linux
      Any architecture (available for multi-core)
    Kernel version 2.6.27 or later OR 2.6.25-rt or later, distribution-independent
    To use event tracing, version 2.6.30 or later


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  • About ftrace
    Vzet is a software to visualize ftrace log data. ftrace has been implemented as a standard from kernel version 2.6.27 and 2.6.25-rt. It works as a static tracer, which directly calls tracing in kernel codes and faster than dynamic tracers. Plug-in is available for feature enhancement, so it will be expanded more in the near future.

    Supplied as subscription
                Price: 150,000 yen for 1 sheet (includes twice-yearly updates)

    For more details, please contact us via email:


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    Many applications which consist of multiple processes are running on Linux system. "Vzet" is an innovative product that can display behaviors of the processes visually.

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