Lineo Solutions, Inc., with 19-year experiences in embedded systems development and pioneering experiences in embedded Linux, offers realistic and products focused embedded Linux solutions from our engineering center in Japan where the world dominant development activities in embedded devices are taking places.
In upcoming Ubiquitous Age, "Open Standard & Open Source" universality of Linux enables us to expand our uLinux solutions to every corner of embedded systems market in the world.

We empower embedded devices for the ubiquitous society with Lineo uLinux and uLinux Solutions.

"u" symbolizes Lineo Spirit, "Ubiquitous", "Ultimate", and "Universal"


If you need to develop a custom embedded product based on open source Linux, then the affordable LinuxLink software development framework is the ideal solution for you. 


Quick-Start Solution "Warp!!" is Renewed Additional Functions, More CPU Supported.


Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue" For corrective action and performance improvement.


Many applications which consist of multiple processes are running on Linux system. "Vzet" is an innovative product that can display behaviors of the processes visually.

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