"LINEOWarp!!®", an Amazing Quick-Start Solution for Embedded Linux

Boot in a blink...
The futuristic sensation is just like "Warp!!"

Faster with greater usability

What’s "Warp!!"?
Warp!! is a quick-start solution for Linux system developed and provided by Lineo, an expert of embedded Linux.
Warp!!  is available for various products of mobile terminal, digital consumer electronics, commercial equipment and so on as eco-friendly embedded Linux.
Since its release in 2008, Warp!! has been garnering immense praise not only for its speedy boot but for superiority and flexibility of its functions, as well as for adaptability to various products.

You may recall a scene from a sci-ti film once you actually see its quick boot at warp speed. 

  Values measured by demo

Board Atmark Techno, Inc. Armadillo-500FX
Freescale iMx31 532MHz
DDR SDRAM 128MB(133MHz 32bit)
Hibernation Driver Version 4.0
Bootloader U-boot 2010.06
Linux kernel Version 2.6.26
Root filesystem: SSD ext3
General Start With Warp!!
14.77 sec*1 1.07 sec*1
RAM Size to save RAM
128MB 4.5MB*2
*1Time from power-on to X-window visible on the screen with a stop-watch
*2 The size compressing 17.47MB after shrink
    Device's startup time with Warp!! differs depending on hardware specifications.
Warp!! Features/Specs


If you need to develop a custom embedded product based on open source Linux, then the affordable LinuxLink software development framework is the ideal solution for you. 


Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue" For corrective action and performance improvement.


Many applications which consist of multiple processes are running on Linux system. "Vzet" is an innovative product that can display behaviors of the processes visually.

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