Do CE Edition and Universal Edition contain different packages?
uLinux offers approximately 70 of tested packages, and the contained packages differ from one to another depending on the uLinux edition and BSP type.
What are the features of CE Edition and Universal Edition? What about difference in functionalities?
In addition to the community-based Universal Edition, CE Edition has enhanced functions as: small footprint for embedded Linux, Realtime, power management, VFAT support, IPv6-based IPv4/6 support, various network protocols/device drivers/HotPlug support, and more.
Do you offer an uLinux trial version?
We have BSP for a limited time. For details, please contact: sales@lineo.co.jp.
Is it possible to have CPU/device drivers, which is not supported by uLinux?
Yes, it is possible. Please contact: sales@lineo.co.jp.
Does CEE support IPv4, IPv6, and IPv4/IPv6?
Yes, it supports all of above.


If you need to develop a custom embedded product based on open source Linux, then the affordable LinuxLink software development framework is the ideal solution for you. 


瞬時に起動 驚きの速さ その感覚はまさに“ワープ(Warp)”斬新な高速起動ソリューション Warp!!の速さを体感ください。サポートアーキテクチャも拡充。


Quick-Start Solution "Warp!!" is Renewed Additional Functions, More CPU Supported.


Lineo offers a new failure analysis service "LL-rescue" For corrective action and performance improvement.


Many applications which consist of multiple processes are running on Linux system. "Vzet" is an innovative product that can display behaviors of the processes visually.

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